Estates often need to have their contents appraised, be it for tax-related reasons or for family members. Stem to Stern can handle all of the fine details involved in a written appraisal. In most cases, we will then have a sale of the items that remain. If a written appraisal is not needed, we can provide a verbal estimate of what a sale would generate at our free initial consultation.

Save Time

We know the values of most of the items we encounter when performing appraisals, and if we don't we'll do the research for you. We guarantee honest and accurate appraisals -- our reputation depends on it.

Save Money

If we decide to proceed with an estate sale after an appraisal, Stem to Stern will deduct the appraisal fee from our commission after the sale. 

Have confidence the appraised value of your items. We will ensure that you know the fair value of your estate, whether or not Stem to Stern organizes your estate sale.